November 4, 2019
November 6, 2019


Becoming into a great weightlifter includes a lot of efforts, sacrifices and hours and hours of working out. Food and exercises are cornerstones for athletes, but there is one more that not everybody respects: resting. Giving your body time enough to recover after a hard training session is really important. This will help you to avoid injuries and lesions. Here you have some techniques to help your body to recover itself.


Al least 8 hours of sleep are recommended between 22.00-7.00. Rest at noon is compulsory. If the athlete cannot sleep, he will lie down for 1-1.5 hours (reading is advisable).

Water therapy

Warm shower (28-30 degrees Celsius) is made 15-30 minutes after the training or competition has been finished. Besides its hygienic effect, it activates the largest reflexogene area of the body –the skin- with it numerous receptors for cold down and warm.

The effects of these influences are different, according to the subject’s degree of tiredness and to the temperature of the water. IT acts positively on the nervous system, the sleep becoming more quiet and profound.

Sauna is done in special rooms with warm air at the temperature of 60-90ºC for 5-15 minutes. It is recommended 2-3 times a month, with the purpose of accelerating the removal of the toxic substances accumulated during training.


In order to re-establish the weightlifter’s capacity to work after training, general massage is recommended. If there are no possibilities to have a masseur at your disposal, self-massage may be used. Vibrator massage has rapid effects on the recovery of the organism: after a short session (5-7minutes) of vibromassage the athlete has a feeling of relief, muscular pain diminishes, muscle elasticity re-appears very quickly.

The hygienic program

The hygienic conditions include all the aspects of the way of life during the sportsman’s activity and rest. At the same time, besides the hygiene of food, of work, and of sleep, of essential importance is the succession in the alternation of all the elements which make up the daily program.

The disturbance of the daily stereotype and of the hygienic program is accompanied by a deterioration of the subject’s state, losing the feeling of vigor, and by a diminution of the intensity of the intensity of the recovery processes. A negative influence of these processes is exerted by insufficient sleep, alcohol consumption, excesses of any kind, irrational increase of intensity and volume of training, inadequate nourishment, etc.