October 21, 2019
November 4, 2019


Practicing sport is always advisable because the benefits it has to mental and physical health. However, people think that some sport, as weightlifting, are harmful. Nevertheless, there are many studies proving that weightlifting is a really safe sport if you practice it properly and the injury average is lower than other sports. Between the numerous weightlifting practice benefits we can find:

Weightlifting helps lose weight

Running and cycling are considered, in general, the best ways to lose weight. This kind of cardiovascular workouts appear in all lose weight formulas. But this cardio exercise is nothing without strength training. It has been demonstrated that strength exercises improve the caloric expenditure and increase the basal metabolic rate, two keys when you want to reduce fat in your body.

It is an integral practice for your muscles

Weightlifter training implies the cooperation of the great muscle groups of our body. In addition, periodical practice blows up muscular mass, decreases both, resting heart rate and arterial tension.

No age limit sport

Weightlifting is and anaerobic and high intensity sport, but we it doesn’t mean it is dangerous for old or young people. The intensity of this spot and the weight lifted goes hand by hand of maximum ability. Therefore, a fifteen years old athlete will work with a completely different weight as a forty years old, but both of them working at high intensity.

A sport for a heart and bone good health

Regular weightlifting practice work out well for hearth ventricle walls width, providing good tonicity and health, so hearth resistance increases. In addition, weightlifting rises bone mineral density, a fact that helps in the prevention of bone diseases as osteoporosis.

Pleasure factor

This is one of the most important issues of practicing this and other sports. Doing sport produces pleasure. It is not just a hormonal thing, pursuing and achieving a goal, improving your technique or the amount of weight your capable to lift in your snatch or your clean and jerk, all this give you a fulfilling sensation.