Nazca lines and glyphs

September 18, 2019
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September 23, 2019

Nazca lines and glyphs

One of the biggest archaeological mystery of all times rests between Nazca and Palpa settlement. This valley is one of the driest places on earth and It hosted between 200 b.C and 600 a.C the Nazca culture. These were responsible of the famous Nazca geoglyphs: hundreds of homomorphic, zoomorphic and geometrical shapes.

Animals, humans and plants created and spread through a 450km2 surface. These geoglyphs are between 50 and 300 meters tall. The mystery resides in how where the able to draw theses almost perfectly straight lines without an aerial perspective. UNESCO named them Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1994.

The spider

Nazca geoglyph and lines can be found in Ica region, in the southwest of Peru, specifically, between Palpa and Nazca Valleys. Located at 588 metros above sea level, is reachable taking tourist buses from the cities of Lima, Arequipa or Cuzco.

First lines and geoglyphs remains had been accumulated since 1547, when Cierza de Leon, Spanish chronicler, told he saw “signs in some places of Nazca Desert”. This affirmation was forgotten until they were rediscovered by the first Peruvian commercial lines aviators.  

The first in investigate them was Julio César Tello, Peruvian archaeologist, who in 1929 it described this enigma as “sacred roads”. American Paul Kosok, that year, interpreted them as a big astronomic book. Years later, Toribio Mejía Xesspe said about them they were part of a disappeared cult. It was the German archaeologist María Reiche Neumman who did in-depth analysis that revealed Nazca glyphs as part of a colossal lunar and solar calendar. This calendar was designed by ancient Peruvian astronomers to predict the best harvest and rain seasons.

The hummingbird

Geometric, meanders, human figures, labyrinths shapes can be found in Nazca. Most representative figures are the animal ones: hummingbirds, condors, heron, gray-haired, seagull, parrots, a monkey, a spider, a snail, and different kinds of lizards. A lot of these drawings are mixed with lines and spirals.

You can enjoy this magnificent figures from earth, but we definitely suggest to book a flight with a qualified guide to have the best experience.