Peruvian cuisine

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September 9, 2019
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Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is one of the best ambassador of the country. Thanks to the cooks work Peru has now a landmark all around the globe. Traditional Peruvian dishes can be found everywhere. Ingredients variety and versatility to combine, and create new flavors, make local cuisine a powerful tourist attraction.

These are some of the most well-known Peruvian dishes, the must-try:


This is the Peruvian characteristic dish. However, the recipe origins are not clear. It believed that it is the result of different culture mix. More than 2.000 years ago, Mochica culture, in the Peruvian littoral, there existed a fish based dish cooked in tumbo juice (a local fruit). After that, during Inca age, fish started to be macerate with chica and, with Spanish arrival, lemon juice and onion joined to this wonderful dish.

In this way, genuine ceviche is made with whitefish, onion, aji, lemon juice and salt. Nevertheless, a lot of varieties can be found all across Peru and South America.

Tuna ceviche


This is one of the most traditional rural and mountain dishes. Main ingredients are: pork, guinea pig or chicken together with potatoes, sweet potato, corncob and yucca. The distinguishing characteristic of this dish is that it is made over a preheated stone.


Tamales are prepared with a corn dough filled with pork, beef or chicken with olives, groundnuts, aji and boiled egg. This is cooked wrapped with vegetal leaves (mostly banana or corn leaves).


Anticucho is a Peruvian original brochette, also popular in some South American countries, of course, with their own variations. Consist of meat and other food grilled on skewers. During pre-Clumbian age, anticucho were prepared with llama meat and it was seasoned with aromatic herbs and bell pepper.

Peruvian anticucho is set apart by using farm animal heart to make it. It is consumed, specially during October, to celebrate Señor de los Milagros fest.