Five advices about Peru you must know before your trip

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September 4, 2019
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September 11, 2019

Five advices about Peru you must know before your trip

Travelling to a different country is always challenging and adapt to other cultures is compulsory if you want to have a real and fulfilling experience. Here you have five advices to avoid the cultural shock in Peru.

Pace of life

Life is slower in Peru. If you are used to a fast and stressed life, this country will change that. It is important to adapt to the Peruvian pace. Wherever you are, in a restaurant or working with other Peruvians, rhythm is not the same. It may be even slower if you travel to the north of Peru or get into the jungle.

Medical service

Medical service is different in each region of Peru. There are good hospitals and clinics everywhere. If you are in a big city shouldn’t be really hard to find a good doctor. Be kind and comprehensive if the clinic doesn’t accomplish your standard. Do not be afraid of speak up. 

You can also find medicines in the pharmacy. You just need to know what are you looking for and they will provide it to you. Check that they are offering to you the correct medication and check the price too. The often try to sell you the most expensive version of it.

Best means of transportation

One of the best means of transportation in Peru is the bus. There are a lot of enterprises as Cruz del Sur that have websites where you can book tickets. It is important being foresighted and buy them some time before. 

They usually offer cheap and expensive seats. If you are making a short trip do not hesitate in choose the cheap option. Buses in Peru are really well equipped. Otherwise, if you are going down long distances, choose the VIP seats, they can lean back and convert them into beds.


You don’t have to bring tons of clothes. Peru counts with dozens of laundry places where clean your clothes. Unfortunately, electrical appliances are expensive and not affordable for the whole population. 

Mountain sickness

Mountain sickness, or soroche in Peruvian, is really common for people which are no used to this altitude. How can you realize you are experiencing soroche? Headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lethargy, poor sleep, loss of appetite ere some of the symptoms, but not the only one. Eating high-carbohydrate food (pasta, potatoes or bread), keeping yourself hydrated, drink coca tea or chew coca leaves are some of the preventions you can take. Medication is also an option, but always with medical subscription.